WHO ARE WE ? : The Inner Circle boutique is an online store that has exclusive samples of the brands that are represented by Jodabe & Les Griffés agency.We’re so pleased to present you with all the hidden gems on which we get to put our hands from one season to the next!

Our concept is pretty simple : It's based on offering exclusive items that you can't find elsewhere.

We wanted to revisit the traditional sample sale, and provide the opportunity to find unique pieces and great deals directly online. Say goodbye to long waiting lines, crowds, and complicated schedules. Everything is now accessible from the comfort of your own home, whenever you’d like to shop.



OUR MISSION : Our mission is to share exclusive items while ensuring you discover unique and affordable fashion. The Inner Circle would like to turn sample sales into approachable events for everyone. The project stands out due to its social and environmental values, its belief in the power of sharing, accessibility, loyalty, and honesty, and finally community building.


WHY SAMPLES ? :The reason we don’t offer complete sizing is pretty simple: Every season, we receive a huge amount of samples from the collections we represent. We want to pass those awesome styles along to you at great prices.

Furthermore, buying a sample is a means of taking environmentally-friendly action. Samples are not second-hand products, but they’re not new either. The samples were previously used to showcase the line to Quebec store buyers. It’s now your turn to provide them with a new life!